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Our Products [2/3]

Singapore Railways gives you here some more in depth views on actual professional model railway technology. After studying these informations you will understand, why we don't see these articles coming even close to the so called 'toy train' product lines, which you can find in any normal toy shop in Singapore. These products are less expensive and of poor quality with not promising a long product lifetime; they are meant for shorterm entertainment and throw away after use. Toy shops know that and usually offers you only a very limited time for product replacement or refund and no warranty ... compared with a 6 months warranty with our 'toy trains'.

If you start considering the model train [toy train] hobby as a new free time activity, there are several things to decide before you really go ahead: First of all, the size; how much space do you plan ? If you have less space, consider a smaller scale train layout like 1:87 or even smaller. If you have a garden or a big room, you might consider a real garden train layout with a typical scale of 1:22.5 to 1:29.
The next question arising is the type of activity, you plan with your model train [toy train]; do you want to let it run through a self made landscape? Or you love to collect trains and put them for display into a glas cabinet? Or both?
Putting them only on display wouldn't require to fit them with expensive digital equipment like decoder, sound module and FX functions like lights and smoke. These things can easily double the price of a locomotive.

If you decide to bring your model train [toy train] to life, you have also to consider the time period and the location you want to work with. Is it Texas, USA in the 30ies, Netherlands in the 50ies, Southern Germany in the 70ies, Austria in the 80ies or Italy in the 2000s ?
There are accessories for many situations available, starting with the 'toy train' [we will use the term here for the last time ;-) ], continuing with matching buildings and not ending with the type of cars and trucks on the streets; well, consider also the historic traffic signs. Currently you can assume that the H0-size with scale 1:87 offers you the most varieties.

With H0 you also can move into very special topics like narrow gauge railways in Austria, Switzerland and Eastern Germany.

Even for these non-mainstream-interests Singapore Railways can supply you with the corresponding materials, especially with tracks and rolling stock.
For H0-scale, Singapore Railways therefore offers you not only normal gauge with 16.5 mm [originally 1435 mm and wide gauge] and 2 different narrow gauges, with 12 mm, which resemble 1000 mm to 1067 mm and 9 mm for originally 760 to 914 mm. Special junctions to mix these gauges are also on stock.

These highly specialized articles are engineered and manufactured in Germany and of course not available in normal local toy/hobby shops. Nevertheless you also would need to brush up your craftmanship ... same as you would require to build a real railway ;-)
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